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NARA (français /anglais)




Ton cœur sur le mien dans la splendeur du jour,

Nous chantions, ravis, un chant du vieux Nara,

Les frêles cerisiers couvraient nos têtes de soie

Et tout était joie, et tout était amour ! 

            Athanase Vantchev de Thracy


ENGLISH (My translation into Inglish) :



Your heart on my heart in the day magnificence,

We sang, full of delight, a song of the old Nara,

Frail cherry trees covered with their silk our heads

And everything was enjoyment, and everything was love!

Notes : 

NARA : city of Japan. An ancient cultural and religious centre, it was founded in 706 (A.C.) by imperial decree and was built after Chang'an (or Xi'an), the capital of T'ang China. Nara was (710–784) the first permanent capital of Japan. The noted Todai-ji temple has a 53.5-ft-high (16.3 m) image of Buddha, said to be one of the largest bronze figures in the world. Nara Park, the largest (1,250 acres/506 hectares) city park in Japan, includes the celebrated Imperial Museum, which houses ancient art treasures and relics. Near the city is wooded Mt. Kasuga, the traditional home of the gods; its trees are never cut. Also nearby is Horyu-ji, founded in 607, the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, with the grave of Jimmu, the first emperor.

Nara is famous with its splendid CHERRY TREES!

TANG : A Chinese dynasty (618–907 A.C.), that was known for its wealth and its encouragement of the arts and literature.