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CARAVAGE (français / anglais / allemand)




Beau, Caravage a peint dans sa démence sublime

Les souriants visages de ces enfants des rues…

Comme lui, mon Prince chagrin, je rends à l’Absolu

Les palpitants contours de ton sourire intime !


            Athanase Vantchev de Thracy


ENGLISH (My translation) :



Caravaggio painted in his sublime insanity

The smiling faces of these pallid children of streets …

As him, my sorrowful Prince, I return to the Absolute

The palpitating outlines of your intimate smile! 


CARAVAGGIO (1571 – 1610) : Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio or Amerigi da Caravaggio is one of the greatest Italian painters. His surname, Caravaggio, came from his birthplace. After an apprenticeship in Milan, he arrived (1592) in Rome where he eventually became a pensioner of Cardinal Francesco del Monte for whom he produced several paintings, among them the Concert of Youths (Metropolitan Museum – USA). Most of Caravaggio's genre pieces, such as the Fortune Teller (Louvre – France), are products of his early Roman years, but after completing the Calling of St. Matthew and the Martyrdom of St. Matthew (circa 1598– 1599; San Luigi degli Francesi, = the famous French church Saint - Louis in Rome), he devoted himself almost exclusively to religious compositions and portraiture. His violent temper and erratic disposition involved him in several brawls, and in 1606 he fled Rome after killing his lover, an young man, in a duel. He spent the last four years of his life in Naples, Malta, Syracuse, and Messina. A revolutionary in art, Caravaggio was accused of imitating nature at the expense of ideal beauty. In religious scenes his use of models from the lower walks of life was considered irreverent. He generally worked directly on the canvas, a violation of current artistic procedure. His strong chiaroscuro technique of partially illuminating figures against a dark background was immediately adopted by his contemporaries, and although he had no pupils, the influence of his art was enormous.




Caravagio malte in überwältigendem Wahnsinn
die fröhlichen Gesichter dieser Straßenkinder.
Wie er, mein betrübter Prinz, kehre ich ins Bedingungslose zurück
- den aufregenden Konturen deines innigen Lächelns.

Traduit en allemande par Karoline Pfeiffer

Translated into German by Karoline Pfeiffer