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PARLE, PARLE-MOI ENCORE (français / anglais / allemand)




A Todd

Parle, parle-moi encore, Ami des livres rares,

De l’Art d’aimer l’amour du somptueux Ovide

Et de la Muse qui dicte les vers de l’Enéide

Aux lèvres de Virgile vibrant de savoir !

            Athanase Vantchev de Thracy




Speak… still speak to me, Friend of the rare books,

About the Art to like the love of luxurious Ovid

And about the Muse who dictated the verses of Aeneid

To the lips of Virgil vibrating of knowledge!

Translated into English by Athanase Vantchev de Thracy 


Ovid : Poet

-         Born: 20 March 43 B.C.

-         Birthplace: Sulmo (now Sulmona), Italy

-         Died: 17 or 18 A.D.

-         Best Known As: Roman author of Metamorphoses

Name at birth: Publius Ovidius Naso

Ovid was one of the greatest poets of antiquity and the author of Metamorphoses, a masterpiece on Greek and Roman myths. What Virgil was to epic poetry, Ovid was to elegiac poetry, and his love poems and instructional works have firmly established him as one of the greatest influences on Western literature. His other works include Amores (3 volumes of love poems), Heroides (fictional letters from a woman to her lovers) and Ars Amatoria (an instructional poem on the art of love). Ovid was prolific and popular in his lifetime and highly regarded by the emperor Augustus, until he was banished from Rome under mysterious circumstances in 8 A.D. Despite public and private entreaties, Augustus (and later, Tiberius) refused to forgive Ovid, who finished out his days in Tobis (town in Romania on the Black Sea)

Virgil : Poet

-         Born: 15 October 70 B.C.

-         Birthplace: Near Mantua, Italy

-         Died: 21 September 19 B.C.

-         Best Known As: Author of the Aeneid

-         Name at birth: Publius Vergilius Maro

The most famous poet of ancient Rome, Virgil (or Vergil) wrote the Aeneid, one of the greatest epic poems in human history. Raised on a farm in northern Italy, he made his way to Rome as an adult and gained fame for his collections of poems Eclogues (around 39 B.C.) and Georgics (29 B.C.). A clear picture of his life is not possible, but Virgil was apparently famous during his lifetime and had friends in high places, notably the emperor Augustus. The Aeneid is Virgil's masterpiece, a national epic that tells the story of the heroic Aeneas and the founding of Rome. The long poem is often compared to Homer’s the Iliad and the Odyssey, Greek epics combining history and mythology. Virgil died before finishing the work, but it was published (tradition has it that he wanted it destroyed after his death) and became a revered text for centuries. In medieval Europe Virgil became an almost mystical personage, with magic powers attributed to him and his work (he is used as the guide to Hell in Dante’s Inferno). The Renaissance revived scholarly study of the Aeneid and Virgil is still considered the greatest of Roman poets.

Athanase Vantchev de Thracy: Poet

-         Born: 3 January 1940

-         Birthplace: Haskovo, Bulgaria

-         Best known As: Author of Beauty

-         Still in life

My Prince Todd will write one day my Biography (LOL). But he as to wait, because I will live 35 years more! ... He-he! ... Don’t be afraid, my Friend. It is a joke! …


Sprich, sprich wieder mit mir (German)


Sprich, sprich wieder mit mir, Freund der seltenen Bücher
Über die Kunst zu lieben, der Liebe des eindrucksvollen Ovids
Und von der Muse, die die Verse von „Eneide“ diktiert,
zu den Lippen von Vergil, der vor Wissensdurst bebt.

Traduit en allemand par Karoline Pfeiffer

Translated into German by Karoline Pfeiffer