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MEVLANA (anglais)



'O Shams of Tebrizi!

The alphabet is a cloud hiding the sun.

The sun is you.

When your sun rose,

all the words vanished.


Because I prayed so often,

I became like a prayer.

Whoever sees my face

asks me to pray for them.'


      Mystic Odes


Love, Love, Love! O Master of Love,

ecstasy within ecstasy, spirit within spirit,

your trance-filled mouth, your heart swooning

among your sublime words like garlands floating down the stream of days!


Yours are the sovereign Beauty and Splendour which move

the circle of planets round the true Sun,

the music of the spheres hidden in eyes which watch over

this universe so touched by you, Merciful Gift of the Heavens!


You, friend of every soul, O tender Mawlana,

belong with Jesus, Dhul-Nun, Abu Ben Adham, Muhammad, Al-Ghazali,

Al-Muhasibi, Al-Hallaj, Bayazid Bestami, Moses,


because your sweet words are planted in the heart of Paradise!

When my flesh is broken, I drink in the river of your verse

and again I live, breathe, smile and love!


translated by Norton Hodges from the French of Athanase Vantchev de Thracy